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Jewelry Appraisals, Jewelry Inspection, Diamond Reports, & Gem Identification

Looking for a reliable appraisal?  Whether you have a single heirloom or an entire estate collection of several hundred items, Weiss Jewelers can help.


From loose diamonds, gemstones, rings, pendants, bracelets, earrings, watches, to jewelry, pearls, and necklaces,​ a reliable appraisal is affordable and available for you.

Weiss Jewelers has one of the country's leading industry expert onsite each Tuesday and Wednesday.  Stop by or to ensure same day service, make an appointment with our appraiser, Lance Painter. 



Evaluations and appraisals are provided in our store.  Free estimates are available before any work is performed.  You will be provided with two copies of the appraisal.  Each will have a detailed description and a color photograph of the item. In most cases your appraisal is given to you the same day as the evaluation. Should you ever need to reclaim your valuable property, having a certified appraisal will enable insurance companies to accurately determine current value. 


Lance Painter has over 40 years experience in the jewelry industry including jewelry repair, retail sales & management, wholesale distribution, manufacturing, equipment development, laser inscription, gemology and appraising.  In addition, Mr. Painter is recognized as an expert witness..  Mr. Painter is owner of Painter Enterprises dba Gemscreen Gemological Services, LLC  and received a Gemologist Diploma from the Gemological Institute of America in 1994.   He stays current on industry trends and has:

  • Completed over 40,000 appraisals 

  • Graded over 55,000 diamonds

  • Graded over 13,000 colored stones

  • Completed over 9,200 gemstone plots


Conclusions are based on a combination of the most advanced scientific instruments and the industry's best market analysis software assuring you of quality information in today's world of convincing counterfeits.  Every procedure performed is guaranteed to be safe and non-destructive.

Using a smart phone with a gemological microscope, microscopic inspections are performed and images are captured.  Customers will receive images with descriptions of the item giving them proof and confidence in the conclusion. 

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