Jewelry Repair

Caring for Your Jewelry

Bring your cherished jewelry pieces to Weiss Jewelers, where our expert jewelers will make them look as good as new.

If your favorite chain is broken, or the prongs on your wedding ring are wearing thin, stop by our store in Greeley for a repair.  Maybe your ring is a bit loose and needs to be sized, or your white gold ring is looking dull and can use some rhodium plating.

We will evaluate your jewelry and give you an estimate for any repairs that may are needed.  Our shop is equipped with the latest technology so every repair will be professionally done to our meticulous standards.

Offering experienced on-site jewelry repair with state-of-the-art jeweler’s technology, Weiss Jewelers provides top quality repair services.

  • Ring sizing

  • Jewelry cleaning and polishing

  • Ring shank replacement

  • Stone tightening

  • Stone replacement

  • Prong tightening and retipping

  • Laser Repairs

  • Pearls & bead restringing

  • Chain shortening or lengthening

  • Chain repairs & clasp replacement

  • Rhodium plating


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